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Allie Straub @ Wildwood

Once in a blue moon, Ali guest writes for me and I love it when she does. For starters, it provides a different perspective/experience on the session and frankly, I suck at writing. :P Ali loves reading and writing… I’m more of a visual person (translation, I like books with pictures). Either way, here is how our session with Ms Allie Straub went. :)

What an adventure we went on with Allie for her High School Senior pics! From rain, mosquitoes, trains, and even police cars…but nothing was going to stop us from shooting that day. Allie and I share a few things in common, other than just our names…we both come from the same side of the tracks. Allie is a sweet girl who attended Francis Howell Central, while I graduated from a rival school, Fort Zumwalt South (both in the O’Fallon/St. Peters area). So we instantly had things to talk about while I was beautifying Allie’s hair and makeup before the session started. Both of us are Mizzou Tigers too (M-I-Z….)!

Once we had completed the hair/makeup routine, we geared up and headed to a remote park in the middle of what seems like nowhere in Wildwood. It’s a place I found on a random cruise in my Prelude, just seeing where roads I had never traveled before lead to. With our fingers crossed that the rain would stay away, we headed into the mushy woods and began the session. Allie was SUCH a trooper! She kept smiling when the rain sprinkles began to fall, and she kept smiling as we were all getting attacked my mosquitoes (maybe that’s because she was covered from head to toe, so those pesky lil blood suckers weren’t going to get to her!) She was even smiling when I was freaked out by the train going by only a few feet away from where her and I were standing!

After climbing down the steep pathway from the train tracks (which in itself takes some skills, especially in the dark!), we all loaded up in the car and talked about what a fun time we had at the session. That is until the flashing lights came up behind us. Yep, we were getting pulled over with Allie and her mom in the car…how embarrassing! Turns out they don’t always notify you when your license plate tags are about to expire, and ours had expired in February! Ooopsy!

So please take the time to enjoy Allie’s photos and follow along on our journey from that day!

Ali + Keith

Makeup + hair by Ali | Makeup

BONUS IMAGE: Allie + Ali holding on to each other for dear life as a train rolls through several feet away.

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