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Bailey + Bryan @ Victoria, BC Canada (Second Shooting for Canadians Part 1)


Every other wedding, you’ll see me blog/post about some of our Genesis Workshop friends to come and help us second shoot for us. It’s a great opportunity for us hang out with our friends (which we don’t get to do very often due to our lifestyle) for the weekend, show them a little bit of St. Louis (translation: eat toasted raviolis and thin crust pizza) and share ideas with each other. Unfortunately with our busy schedule, we don’t get to repay back the favor for others very often. The reality is that I’ve only second shot 4 times for other photographers and I love doing it… I just wish I had more time to do it more often. Which brings us to this blog post… Our Genesis buddy Shane Deringer asked us to come to beautiful Victoria in British Columbia to help out on a couple weddings. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to the West Coast of Canada (even though I’m from Canada but the East Coast side) and it did not disappoint… but more about our trip to Victoria in another post. :)

I hung out with Bryan (aka the groom) and the boys (aka groomsmen) all morning while Shane covered the girls which was definitely a refreshing change since typically, the primary photographer documents to bride. The guys were super great to hang out with and it was easy to quickly build a rapport with them. Baily (aka the bride and who also happens to be Shane’s sister) and her bridesmaids were so awesome to work with as well. Everybody was so easy going and was open to doing whatever ideas Shane and I had.

Photogeeks: if you ever have the opportunity to shoot with/for other photographers, DO IT. Less stress, opportunity to take risks, try something different (e.g. settings, lenses, editing, etc) and see how other people work a wedding. Multiple wins. Highly recommended peeps.

Ok, that’s enough for the first installment of ‘Second Shooting for Canadians’ (hint: there are 5 installments :P)

CONGRATS Bailey + Bryan!

THANKS Shane for trustin’ me to shoot your sista’s wedding with you!

Keith + Ali

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