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Beckett Stephen Lee


Remember Natalie + John’s wedding a couple months ago? Remember how I mentioned I had to leave the wedding reception early? Well, THIS blog post will explain the rest of my evening and the weekend. :)

Before heading out to start our day, we (Ali, Amy, Jim and I) had breakfast and Ali mentioned that she felt great and we joked around about the possibility of her going into labor… that’s when Amy told us that she felt fantastic the morning she went into labor. Hmmmm…

So like a good husband, I checked in with Ali in the afternoon to see how she was doing. It’s funny how things can change within 3 hours.

By 7:30pm, shortly after the toasts are completed, I got ‘the call’ from our friend Jenn (who was with Ali keeping her company) that Ali’s water had broke and I needed to leave the wedding to come to the hospital. It was sorta surreal but I walked over to the head table, gave Natalie and John my congrats, said my good-byes to everyone (quickly), packed my bag up and left (of course not before Zach, the DJ, maked an announcement at the reception… I felt special :)) Amy snapped a picture of me as I was packing up…


Jim and Amy took a selfie minutes after I left to document their reaction that at Plan ‘B’ was in full effect…


I thought I was driving pretty slow (since it was starting to ice) but I somehow make it to the hospital the same time Ali (and her sister) did. We had originally planned for Amy to document the birth of our son (aka birth story) but since she was occupied with finishing off the wedding, I grabbed my camera and heading inside the hospital. Ali was wheeled in and clearly in pain… the contractions were happening frequently and quickly. It seemed like it took forever to get her into the delivery room and it’s one thing I’ve learned about the ER, they tend to ask you the same questions over and over again. In most cases, it’s not a big deal… but when your wife is in pain and 6 centimeters dilated, maybe somebody should just get the answers from the computer or something *shrug*.

Ali (along with a couple of her girlfriends, Jenn + Kelly) got their nails done earlier that day…
Ali sans contractions…
Ali avec contractions… I’ve never seen her in so much pain before. I felt so bad that I’m pretty sure I said to myself “We are done with kids after this one

So apparently Ali has the smallest veins EVAR… The nurse and anesthesiologist had a terrible time trying to find a vein they could tap into for the IV. But no IV means no epidural. And Ali desperately wanted/needed the epidural.

By the time they were ready to administer the epidural, Ali was 9cm dilated. The contractions are much worse and oh yeah, she needs to be absolutely still so they can insert a huge needle in her back/spine.

The middle part was kind of a blur but it was pretty dicey at times. Every time Ali would push, Beckett’s heart rate would drop. It was enough of a concern that the doctor deemed it an emergency situation. They kicked everyone out of the room (except me) and called all hands on deck. The doctor resorted to using the ‘vacuum’ to try pulling him out quickly. If that didn’t work, it was emergency C section time. It took more than a few tries before he finally came out (*whew*). We found out a couple hours later that Ali’s placenta abrupted (which explained the severe contractions and the quick labor) and his shoulder was caught on Ali’s pelvic bone. Ouch.

They immediately gave Beckett over to Ali to establish the bonding process.

I remember being so relieved that baby and mom were out of danger. I couldn’t help smiling ear to ear and watching them clean little Beckett and thinking “this is absolutely amazing”.
A bunch of you have probably already seen this image since it was the first one I posted on Facebook/Instagram. At a few minutes old, he had a strong grip.
photo 1

7lbs 5 ozs! This one was taken by Kelly… Ali’s sister. Thanks sis!

Footprinting = dirty baby feet

Like son, like father… tongues out.
photo 2

It’s kinda cheesy but the hospital stamps the father’s hand with the baby’s foot. Ok, maybe it’s a little cool.

photo 3
After being traumatized with a bath, Beckett is reunited with mommy for some skin to skin action.

The next morning… it’s kind of weird to think “we are actually parents!”

photo 4

My “holy crap. I’m a dad” face.

photo 5


After the first night, we opted to have Beckett sleep in the nursery so WE could get some sleep. It’s amazing how much you can do with little to no sleep.

Every 3 hours, they would bring Beckett back to us for feeding. It took him some time for him to figure out how to latch AND stay awake to feed… now he’s a champ.
Ali managed to take a quick stroll to the nursery to admire her work…

Beckett goes home! After two days, Mercy kicks you out and since Beckett was born at 9:11pm on Saturday, we need to leave by 11am on Monday. It would’ve been nice to take advantage of the nursery and the support of the awesome nurses but it was awesome to bring Baby Lee home. :)
photo 12photo 22

Thanks for looking and reading peeps… Look out for another post about Beckett and his first couple months. :)

Keith + Ali

  • Joel - March 27, 2014 - 2:27 pm

    Woohooo! So great…glad to see themReplyCancel

  • Katrina Wilson - March 27, 2014 - 4:23 pm

    What a beautiful post Keith! I had tears in my eyes reading it and looking at the wonderful first photos of you guys and Beckett :) Congratulations again on your son! xo Katrina and JoshReplyCancel

  • errin hiltbrand - March 27, 2014 - 8:52 pm

    My what a handsome little man he is. Seeing these photos brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you two. Think the world of you both as professionals and now as parents. He is so lucky to have been born to two amazing people. I’m glad to read he’s feeding like a champ now. I hope you are both getting some rest. Always in my thoughts!ReplyCancel

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