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Best of 2010 (part 3)

Sorry for slacking on posting the next edition of the Best of 2010…the holidays are busy for everyone and it has been particularly busy for me with my family in town.

Date: September 11th, 2010
Place: Sarah and Chad’s wedding at Winegardens Vineyard, Augusta, MO.

A great picture of Sarah and Chad leaving the alter as Mr. and Mrs. Gerler. Photojournalism at it’s best.

Date: July 4th, 2010
Place: Walker home

Corn, sharpness and creamy depth of field… what’s not to like about this picture?

Date: May 2nd, 2010
Place: Bluebird park is one of my favorite locations since it doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic and it looks like an open field out of nowhere. Using a flash with the sun setting behind the subject really gives some great effects. Point in case below.

Date: June 12th, 2010
Place: Kelly and Brian’s Wedding.

One of the first few pictures of Kelly Promaroli as Mrs. Keevan after leaving the alter.

Date: June 12th, 2010
Place: Kelly and Brian’s Wedding at Chandler Hills Winery, Augusta, MO

I love the expression on Nikki’s face after she caught Kelly’s bouquet of flowers. It’s simply priceless and I can’t wait to capture her wedding in 2011. I’m positive some of her pictures will make my Best of 2011 pictures.

Date: February 28th 2010
Place: Our home.

It’s mind blowing how many different arrangements you can come up with when it comes to a pair of shoes. This was my first stab at it and I literately took hundreds of pictures in every which way but this has to be my favorite of Kelly’s wedding shoes.

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