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So who is this ‘Keith Lee’ guy?

We are a different husband and wife team… how so?

He (aka Keith)

  • Is born and raised Canadian (eh?) and originally from Montreal where the people speak French, very liberal and eat poutine (you know, fries with cheese curds and gravy?).
  • Was an artist and grew up drawing comic book characters on any piece of scrap paper he could find instead of listening in high school.
  • Is a third degree black belt in karate but you don’t have to call me Sensei (we can break some boards together).
  • Is an automotive enthusiast and a loyal fan of Honda + Acura (we might have 5 cars in our driveway right now).

  • Started the photography thing by photographing cars and motorsports.
  • Started portrait photography thanks to the encouragement and help of Ali (aka the wife) and friends.
  • Married his best friend in June 2011 and still considers himself a newlywed.
  • Became a father to one of the cutest babies evar on February 1st, 2014.
  • Is now into his third full season of documenting beautiful people and weddings.

  • She (aka Ali)

  • Was born in Dallas, TX and lived there for the first seven years of her life. Parents moved family back to St. Louis where her entire family lives. Has lived there ever since!
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with shoes and the color pink.
  • Was a “band nerd” and competitive figure skater throughout her younger years. Guess you could say she has a flair for the arts.
  • Met her husband when she joined a local car club. Which evolved into a love for driving and teaching at local road course driving events.
  • Stumbled into her current career as a Makeup Artist when she realized people would actually pay her to beautify them. When Keith’s photography career took off, so did her career as a Makeup Artist thanks to the strong encouragement of her wonderful husband.
  • Has no formal training in makeup….graduated from Mizzou with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. M-I-Z….!!!
  • Married the best friend she’s ever had on June 11, 2011.
  • Gave birth to THE cutest baby ever, after a complicated and scary delivery, on February 1, 2014. Counts her blessings every single day.
  • Has collected Precious Moments figurines and ornaments since her grandma started giving them to her as a newborn…her husband thinks these are highly creepy. Has an entire separate [pink] Christmas tree dedicated for the Precious Moments.
  • Dabbles in photography as well with her own camera body, 5 lenses, and a flash
  • Together we make a great team that focuses on creating and capturing timeless moments in creative and different ways instead of taking the ‘traditional’ type pictures. We consider ourselves outgoing, fun and open minded. If you are similar in mind and looking for a portrait photographer get in touch with us and let’s capture some great moments together.

    You can also find out a little more about me (Keith) from an interview I did for Colorvale Actions over here.

    Keith + Ali

    Me (the Asian dude) with my best friend, partner in crime, assistant, office manager and wife Ali. (photo taken by Sam Hassas)