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Chelsea + Keith @ The Farm in Olney, IL

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? If you’re from St. Louis and you know where Olney, IL is located, then you know it’s a 3 hour drive. But Ali and I love shooting at locations that have sentimental meanings to the couples. In this case, this location (farm) belongs to Keith’s (aka groom) family and one day, this awesome couple will be living somewhere on this large property. Pretty cool right? Wanna know what else is cool? Chelsea’s mom, Kim. Why you ask? Because Kim surprised Chelsea by nabbing Ali to do her makeup for their engagement session!

It’s not the first time we’ve shot at a farm (and I know it’s not the last) but what we love about farms is that each one is different and unique. All of them have a ton of character with the paint flaking off the old wooden boards and rusting red + orange fences. The land tends to be flat which means the sun can reach us so we can get some awesome sun setting moments.

Also, did I mention that Chelsea is a Carlinville girl? Yep, more proof that Carlinville spikes their water with something so that all their women are stunning. Don’t believe me? Do a search for Carlinville on my blog and see if yourself… :)

See ya in August guys!

Keith + Ali

Chelsea’s makeup by Ali | makeup

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