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It’s time to catch up on posting some images from our adventures last year. The most memorable one just has to be going to Paris, France. What started off being an opportunity to shoot a wedding for a friend, ended up being a 7 day trip to visit one of the most iconic and historic cities in the world. Not to mention an opportunity to meet up with a great friend and have our 3rd year anniversary pictures done in a beautiful city.

We loved walking the city with it’s rich history and famous landmarks. It seem like every corner we took, it was picture perfect opportunity. I wish I could say we spend our entire days exploring the old city but the truth is that we woke up late every morning (think 10-11am) and stayed up late at night (3am)… we are usually pretty good with dealing with adjusting to time when traveling but this time, we just could shake it. It didn’t help that we watched several movies on our plan ride over. It was also our first time being away from Beckett for more than a day which was pretty hard but we knew he was in good hands with his grandparents. We constantly kept in touch throughout the week via text and FaceTime and we found ourselves constantly looking at our phone pictures of our little guy.

Back to Paris, here are just some of the stuff we captured while we were there…

We arrived into Paris at 7am thinking that we would spend the day exploring right away but since we didn’t get any sleep on plane ride over, we were absolutely wiped when we checked in the hotel. Luckily they allowed us to check in early, but we slept till late afternoon. It wouldn’t be til sunset before we left our room and walked around the neighborhood which just happened to consist of the Eiffel Tower.


You often don’t see me in our pictures because I’m usually behind the camera… however, Ali grabbed the camera from time to time and practiced on capturing portraits.


A rare moment captured… Ali dricking Red Bull

I didn’t bother carry a speedlight with me that night, so what’s the next best thing? iPhone flashlight. :)




The next morning, we check out a couple of shops around the area.

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to hangout with our good photographer friend, Jon Mold who resides in the UK. If you follow my work, you’ll know that he’s traveled around the pond to shoot a few weddings with me the last couple of years.

Ali had no idea our favorite Brit was behind her…


We eventually made our way to the Lourve…


The next day, we spend the day + night in front of Jon’s camera around the Jardin Des Tuileries. Of course, I brought along my camera so I could snap a few of my own. Check out all the awesome stuff that Jon captured on his site.






Most people in Paris dressed in dark colors, this was my attempt to ‘brighten’ things up.


If this spot look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen the movie Inception. You know the part where Ellen Page gets stabbed (while in a dream) by Leo’s ex-dead-wife?


One place we had to visit was the Pont des Arts so we could hang a lock for us and Beckett.


On our last day in Paris, we finally managed to visit the Eiffel Tower. Sure it might have taken us over an hour to wait in line to buy tickets to climb the stairs but it was worth it. It also just happen to work out that sun was starting to set so the light was pretty awesome.

People who follow me on Instagram, know that I love to dress up when I can. One accessory you’ll always see me sport on my blazer is a lapel flower. I have a ton of them from Hello Oliver. Custom flowers, awesome customer service, what more can you ask for?

We loved Paris, we loved munching on all the little pastries and even my knowledge of the French language came in handy from time to time. :) But we couldn’t not wait to get back home to see our little guy. So what’s next? Hmmmm… maybe Italy? Hmmmmmm ;)

Thanks for reading peeps…

Keith + Ali

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