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What the hell is ‘boudoir’?

What the hell is ‘boudoir’ you ask? The definition of the word can be found in Webster’s Dictionary as:

n.1. A small room, esp. if pleasant, or elegantly furnished, to which a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive intimate friends; a lady’s bedroom; a lady’s (or sometimes a gentleman’s) private room.

Do a search on the internet of some examples of boudoir photography (you might not want to do this while you are at work ;)) and you’ll see a wide variety of different styles and settings. Some are more traditional while others more elaborate… it just depends on what the photographer and subject were trying to capture. So why are we talking about boudoir photography? Glad you asked. :)

Boudoir photography is something that I’ve always been interested in but I didn’t want to take on the challenge without feeling confident knowing that I could capture what boudoir meant to me. Well, I finally took the plunge a couple weekends ago after putting a casting call for potential clients who would be interested in participating in the venture. For me, I wanted to use the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned from doing portraitures toward my ideas on boudoir. What are my ideas? I see two different sides of boudoir; first is the traditional but timeless approach… sometimes black and white and the subject ideally in lingerie. The second is more candid, fun and photojournalistic approach (which is somewhat an oxymoron because unless you are a peeping tom, you aren’t going capture true photojournalistic images of a women half naked being themselves. :)). Either way, I want to convey something elegant, timeless while leaving something for the imagination (typically, I’m not a fan of pictures that exposes everything). I want the images I capture to have the viewer wanting to see more.

Like most of my pictures, I try to do as little editing as possible. I don’t believe in heavily editing pictures so much that it doesn’t resemble the subject anymore. That way, I can stay true to the person and moment I took the picture.

So why would you want to do a boudoir session? I think the most common and obvious response is for their spouse. While it’s very thoughtful to give boudoir pictures to your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend, I don’t believe that it’s necessary to have someone to give them to. If you are comfortable enough with your body and want a fun + unique way to document it, boudoir pictures is a great way to do it. In short, do it for yourself and not for anybody else. BTW, if you have any concerns or questions regarding confidentiality of the pictures, please keep in mind that a good way to destroy any creditability as a photographer would be releasing pictures of you without your consent.

I have plenty of more ideas that I hope to capture later this year and I’m sure I’ll continue to refine my style and approach as I accumulate more experience taking boudoir pictures.

Here are a couple pictures to give you an idea but more are on the way…

  • Julie - January 20, 2013 - 1:45 pm

    I would like to know some more information on your boudoir sessions. How often do you offer them? Do you have packages or what is included in the sessions?ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Meyer - July 10, 2013 - 12:07 pm


    I was wondering what your boudoir prices are? I was just wanting a few pictures for my husband. Or, if you are having any of your boudoir sessions in a hotel anytime soon?

    Thank you!

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